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Listing your Auctions and Estate Sales Events on our site is extremely easy.

Not only do we give you some great benefits but our prices are hard to beat. We offer our customers great pricing options.  Post UNLIMITED Event Listings Per Year! A single bid can pay for your annual advertising! Contact us for any questions. Please review the pricing schedule below before Registering on our site is FREE and FREE to create a ‘Company Storefront’!

Plan Features

Each listing gives you the ability to display up to 1000 photos.
► 1 YouTube Video linked from Your YouTube account.
Mapping to your Events location (opitional if you want to hide address).
► Free Company 'Storefront' for your Business.
► Free 'Email Alerts' Subscriber Notifications - Keep Your Customers Informed of your Next Events.
And, much more!   Happy listing!

ANNUAL and UNLIMITED Event Listings - Subscription Based Plan!